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As label of enJoy I offer graphics, webdesign, webdevelopment, maintenance and support services for websites, also related services (databases, e-mail accounts), sites engine optimization for search engines (metatags, keywords, hyperlinks), layout optimized for various browsers (Internet Explorer, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, Safari).

I use for webdesign actual text-based technologies to ensure quick loading of pages displayed and an increased compatibility for any type of hosting server, by promoting using vectorization, animations and logo design, flash, multimedia.

Creating a web design work starts from the first steps of structure and graphical user interface (layout design - colors, lines, text, display the page), continues with the programming in HTML / PHP / Javascript and introducing actual formatted data - images, text, files and other items - which forms the content of the site.

Each job is different because each client is different, which allows me to provide a variety of appropriate product concepts promoted. I invite you to see my portfolio and I expect to contact me using one of methods from contact section.

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